Educational modules

organic field of barley

We designed e-learning modules to teach principles of organic farming to conventional farmers considering transitioning and also to undergraduate students in agriculture who may be considering organic farming as an occupation.  The subject matter is primarily geared to row crop farming, but many of them present general concepts that apply to any cropping system.  Our modules are comparable to lectures, but can be accessed whenever needed.  The web-based modules have built-in narration just as a professor would lecture in class.  They are ideal to use in an online course or for a flipped classroom where participants study the materials outside of the classroom in lieu of a lecture so class or workshop time can be reserved for interactive activities.  Each module contains a comprehensive list of references and website links for supplemental reading.

Tips for watching modules

Modules automatically start playing when you click on the link. You can pause and resume playing the modules at any time using the play button on the toolbar at the bottom. Likewise, there are buttons on that toolbar that allow you to move forward or back a slide. Volume, located on the bottom toolbar, can be muted.

Adobe Presenter has different tabs on the sidebar with different functions when you are viewing a presentation. The Outline tab shows an overview of the slides by their titles. The Thumb tab shows an overview of the slides in thumbnail form. You can use the Outline and Thumb tabs to navigate to different slides when necessary by clicking the slide titles or thumbnails. The Notes tab shows the narration written out for each slide as well as the image credits for that slide. The Search tab allows you to enter and search for words that occur within the module slides.

List of modules

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