Project team

Mechanical weed control field day.

University of Minnesota

  • Craig Sheaffer - Project Principal Investigator, module author, decision case editor
  • Kristine Moncada - Project Team Lead, website developer, module author, decision case author and editor, workshop presenter
  • Constance Carlson - decision case study author, module author, module narrator, workshop presenter
  • Gigi DiGiacomo - decision case study author, module author, workshop presenter
  • Jill Sackett Eberhart - decision case study author, workshop presenter
  • Adria Fernandez - module author, workshop presenter
  • Carmen Fernholz - module author, workshop presenter
  • Steve Simmons - decision case study advisor and editor
  • Nicole Tautges - decision case study editor
  • Jim Riddle - module author, decision case study editor
  • Claire Flavin - module author
  • Jeff Gunsolus - module author
  • John Lamb - module author
  • Tom Michaels - project advisor
  • Evelyn Reilly - website reviewer

Project partners

The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)

  • Jody Padgham - decision case study author
  • Harriet Behar - decision case study author, module author
  • Jennifer Nelson - decision case study author

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Michelle Miller - decision case study author, decision case study editor


  • Alice Formiga - project advisor
  • Alex Stone - project advisor


A special thanks to the farmers and organic agriculture professionals who attended our listening sessions and workshops, and provided valuable input on the development of our materials!