Introduction - Finding Fertility without Livestock

By Constance Carlson

Edited by Kristine Moncada, Craig Sheaffer, Gigi DiGiacomo and Nicole Tautges

sow with piglets

Organic farming principles revolve around using natural nutrient cycles to maintain soil fertility, relying on plant and animal activities to mobilize nutrients. But what happens when the current economic climate precludes the animal part of the nutrient cycle?

This was the problem the Mathews family faced on their organic row crop farm when swine production became economically unviable. But by giving up the pigs, were they giving up organic production altogether?

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Carlson, C.  2017.  Finding Fertility without Livestock.  A Decision Case Study in Principles for Transitioning to Organic Farming: e-Learning Materials and Decision Case Studies for Educators.  K. Moncada, C. Sheaffer, G. DiGiacomo, and N. Tautges (Eds).  University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN.