Introduction - Marketing Poultry without a Processor

By Michelle Miller

Edited by Kristine Moncada, Craig Sheaffer, Gigi DiGiacomo and Nicole Tautges

turkeys on a pasture

“Our business model relies on processing for our organic turkeys. The processing plant just closed – what are we to do?” asked Theresa. The Podolls, brothers David and Dan, and their wives, Ginger and Theresa, developed their family’s multi-enterprise organic farm by raising organic turkey on grain they grew organically. For their diversified farm to work, they contracted with a poultry processing plant to dress the turkeys for market. But then the poultry processing plant went out of business.

How could the four farmers bring their turkeys to market? Could they continue their organic operation?

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Miller, M.2017.Marketing Poultry without a Processor.A Decision Case Study in Principles for Transitioning to Organic Farming: e-Learning Materials and Decision Case Studies for Educators.  K. Moncada, C. Sheaffer, G. DiGiacomo, and N. Tautges (Eds).  University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN.